The Ultimate Black Friday Software Deals Vetted by Non-Tech Techie

The Ultimate 2023 Black Friday Deals Vetted by Non-Tech Techie

Ready for Black Friday but dreading the tech jargon and endless choices? Fear not! I’m the Non-Tech Techie here to help. I’ve scoured this year’s deals to bring you the simplest, most valuable software bargains. Whether it’s for work, play, or anything in between, I’ve found the top deals that are easy on your wallet and simple to use. Oh, and I use these tools too!

No need to be a tech whiz to make the most of Black Friday this year. Sit back, relax, and get ready to make your tech life a breeze with my handpicked deals. Let’s get started on making your digital world effortlessly affordable!

Private Deals (Not available on Marketplaces)

These are some of the software that I actually use so if you have any questions about them, I might be able to answer! The founders had been really nice to give exclusive discount to our community. In case you are not yet part of our private Facebook group, join us! $17.70/month to upgrade to ChatAthena Pro with Unlimited GPT-4, Claude, Dall-E3 with code CQBlackFriday70

CrawlQ is the software I use everyday to write hypnotic sales copy. How does CrawlQ do this? First, it research the web and create a persona based on market research (I have a preference on using the Reddit and Quora add-on to get more detailed insights). Based on the insights gather from the market research, I then go to ChatAthena Pro to write my hypnotic sales copy. And now, with Dall-E3, it also creates stunning AI-generated image in the context of the copy! I don’t have to write a separate image prompt. To avail of this offer, CrawlQ AI account is required. Don’t worry, I got you covered with 40% off on CrawlQ AI lifetime deal. CrawlQ is a preferred supplier of Philips.


Invoice Crowd Get 40% off on Team and Business Plans Lifetime Deal with discount code ELMA40 

Take control of your business finances with Invoice Crowd! Our versatile cloud-based platform is perfect for small business owners, digital agencies, solopreneurs, and freelancers. Effortlessly manage invoicing, send estimates, track expenses, and set up recurring payments. Plus, generate detailed financial reports with just a few clicks. Keep your financials in check and save time with Invoice Crowd! This is an up and coming alternative to QuickBooks and Xero. So far, everything’s fine and I’m waiting for integration via Pabbly & Make. Note that Zapier integration is already available.This is a super great deal as the Black Friday Deal is only at 30% off and you’ll get 40% off with discount code ELMA40

Nuelink a Black Friday Lifetime Deal Special 

For the last time, Nuelink, your trusted partner in social media automation and scheduling, is offering a Lifetime Deal. Seize this rare chance to get lifetime access to our top-notch tools, designed to streamline your social media management. Remember, this incredible offer is only available until November 27th, 2023. Watch my livestream with Nuelink founder Bilal Ararou.


Signhouse Get 15% off with discount code NTT15BF (expires Nov 24)

SignHouse is a DocuSign alternative: 3x faster, 31% increase in conversion rate. Snatch one of the very few eSignature lifetime deals! There’s only been a few 100% legally-binding eSignature LTDs. Don’t miss out on this one! Watch my livestream with founder Daniel Ch.


Storyscraper Get flat 50% Off on Yearly Plans. Use code: BFCM50

StoryScraper is an AI powered Web Story Automation tool that helps you to create, customise and automate your web stories. Watch my livestream with Storyscraper founder Ram Sahoo. Get flat 50% Off on Yearly Plans. Use code: BFCM50

Vend Email Get 25% off with code BF2023

Forwarding emails you can sell. Anonymous email addresses you can quickly and securely create and transfer. I have also posted a lot of use cases in our private Facebook Group The Non-Tech Techie. Get 25% off with code BF2023

WritixAI use invite code M5sjq90D

With so many AI writers out there, why do I mention Writix AI, when it’s not even a lifetime deal? I’ve been testing Writix AI software for a few months now, and it’s getting better all the time! Aside from writing and automatically posting 2000 to 3000-word blog, the post also contains relevant images, tables, TL;DR, etc. It has thousands of niche, sub-niche, and microniche combinations, fully automated internal and external linking feature, different formats that humanize your post, that will sure rank your blog in no time!

Ethos – AI-Powered Brand Asset Management 10% off with discount code ELMA10

Ethos — Elevate Your Brand Management Experience BFCM Deal: Enterprise Plan (Top Plan) on the LTD is just $49 (after 10% discount ELMA10) Ethos is a simple and universal AI-powered Brand Management Platform for team members at all levels in the organization in Sales, Marketing, Product and Support to unlock their brand’s full potential. Ethos makes it easy to create beautiful and organized digital Brand Guidelines that become the single source of truth for a company’s brand content and assets. 

As a marketer, staying on-brand is very important! Now, I can easily share brand guideline to my colleagues.

Flowmattic 25% off on all plans with discount code BFCM2023

FlowMattic is a user-friendly automation platform that connects and streamlines workflows across various apps without requiring coding. It offers unlimited workflows and task executions, along with advanced features like dynamic data mapping and webhooks, facilitating efficient process automation and business acceleration.

Bright Directories 10% off with discount code ELMA10

Bright Directories is your go-to solution for effortlessly building and managing directory websites without the hassle of handling technical aspects. This robust directory software boasts a plethora of features suitable for any directory website. What sets Bright Directories apart is its seamless user interface design and a commitment to a glitch-free experience, eliminating concerns about software upgrades.

Manyreach Free unlimited email warmup for life + Giveaway

Manyreach is a cold email tool that boosts deliverability and manages large-scale campaigns using unique sender accounts, personalized content, and a unified inbox for efficiency and sales acceleration, with unlimited sending accounts included. A giveaway is currently running in our private Facebook group, and if you’re not yet a member, join us

Deals from Marketplaces:

Appsumo Get 10% off on Black Friday Deals. My top picks are

Triplo AI

TriploAI is an advanced artificial intelligence platform that specializes in natural language processing and understanding. It is designed to assist users in various tasks such as generating content, answering questions, providing explanations, and offering insights. With its ability to understand and generate human-like text, TriploAI can be a valuable tool for businesses, writers, students, and anyone in need of AI-powered assistance. You can also buy directly from Triplo AI here.

Watch my live comedy (I mean live stream) with Triplo AI founder Felipe Chaves.


Sessions is a comprehensive platform that offers ultra HD video and audio capabilities for videoconferencing, along with tools for integrating apps, creating interactive agendas, managing webinars, and collaborating as a team. It also provides features for event management, bookings and scheduling, cloud storage, privacy and security, as well as use cases tailored for sales, marketing, customer success, and more. Did I mention that it has built-in noise canceling too?



If you’re serious about email marketing and automations, Vbout is the best I’ve seen so far. It’s an alternative to Keap (formerly Infusionsoft). Aside from newsletters and email marketing automations, it also has a landing page builder, social media scheduler, pop-ups, browser push notifications, heatmaps, etc. What more can you ask for? I’ve been using this for over a year  now and it’s been great so far!

ZeroWork Creator App

Automate any lead generation or relationship building process on social media – such as liking comments, saving leads to a sheet, automatically sending messages and making posts. Automate this and more with ZeroWork Creator! Watch my livestream with founder Zerowork Diana Rees.

This is the software I use for live streaming and creating videos from blogs! One of the best online video editing software. You can also buy directly from



This is a cold e-mail beast! Although the UI really has to be improved, feature-wise, this is one of the best cold e-mail tools! So far, this is the only cold e-mail tool on Appsumo that can be integrated with OpenAI to create personalized introduction and cold e-mail sequence. Watch my livestream with Mystrika founder Abhishek Anand.



So you have an e-book lead magnet, but find setting up your autoresponder quite complicated? Meet Fliplink – it makes beautiful online flipbooks from your ebook, and share it to the world and collect leads! One of the easiest tools to use for showcasing your work and generating leads. Watch my livestream with Fliplink founder Sumit Ghugharwal.




Shopia is an AI-powered content creation and SEO tool designed to assist marketers, entrepreneurs, and writers in generating high-quality, SEO-optimized content. It features over 80 writing templates, a comprehensive article writer, competitor analysis, one-click 2500+ word articles, and integration with over 5,000 apps via Zapier. With support for writing in 30+ languages and a suite of tools including SERP analysis and bulk content generation, Shopia offers a lifetime deal to streamline the content creation process for various users.

Vidboard AI

VidBoard is a cutting-edge video creation platform that utilizes Generative Artificial Intelligence to transform the video production process. The platform offers an array of features including lifelike digital avatars, AI transcriptions, and AI voiceovers, enabling users to generate professional content in over 125 languages quickly and efficiently. VidBoard is designed to overcome language barriers, reduce high production costs, streamline complex video production workflows, and add a level of personalization to videos, making it suitable for content creators, educators, e-commerce, and more. With its easy-to-use interface, users can create videos using customizable templates, digital avatars, and access a vast library of media assets. Watch my livestream with vidBoard founder Ashwin Madhavan.


Blogify is an AI-powered tool designed to transform YouTube videos into SEO-friendly, written blog content automatically. It offers features like multilingual support, customizable blog length, comprehensive analytics, and integration with various platforms such as WordPress and social media. Ideal for bloggers, content creators, and marketers, Blogify simplifies content creation by generating blogs from videos or short descriptions and supports affiliate link generation for monetization.


FlexClip is an intuitive and powerful online video editing tool that simplifies the process of creating professional-looking videos. With a lifetime deal, users gain access to a wealth of features including thousands of templates, a vast stock library, and user-friendly design tools. This platform is ideal for professionals, content creators, small businesses, and anyone looking to produce high-quality videos without the steep learning curve associated with traditional video editing software.

Cloodo Whatsapp CRM

Cloodo is a WhatsApp CRM tool that offers automated lead management, personalized customer support, and efficient sales optimization. It boasts features like contact import, ticket management, interactive communication, and media storage. Aimed at improving productivity and customer relations, Cloodo is available as a lifetime deal with various user plans, ensuring businesses can scale and adapt to the digital communication era.


AffSync is an all-in-one affiliate research tool offering lifetime access to a vast database of over 55,000 affiliate programs and 2.4 million Amazon products. Designed to help internet marketers, affiliates, and content creators find profitable niches and top-selling products, AffSync provides key data like EPC, conversion rates, and commission rates. It includes tools for finding affiliate programs, Amazon products, niche topics, niche websites, and e-commerce sites, as well as a guest blog finder. With detailed analytics and filtering options from 40+ networks, AffSync simplifies the process of identifying high-potential affiliate opportunities. Watch my livestream with Affsync founder Manish Patel.


AIQrArt offers a unique solution to enhance brand identity by transforming ordinary QR codes into visually stunning, AI-generated QR art. These custom QR creations are not only eye-catching but also editable, trackable, and easily integrated into marketing materials. With features like dynamic QR canvas, artistic customizers, an art editor, ready-to-use templates, logo inclusion, and insightful analytics, AIQrArt empowers brands to personalize and monitor their QR code interactions. Watch my livestream with founder Adam Tran.

Rockethub 20% off with code BLACKFRIDAY-20

Most of the software I have purchased in Rockethub are not available for Black Friday (2Slash, Flowmattic, Kwikcart, Yarnit, MakeForms). However, the following look interesting (I haven’t tested these yet):

MakeForms (Tried and Tested!)

One of the most complete Form Builder that has OTP, Calculator, and so many more features! This is a serious alternative to Typeform, so if you’re using Typeform now, save some $$$ without compromising on form builder features by using MakeForms. Watch my livestream with founder Pratik Ghela.


Nureply is a comprehensive cold email marketing platform designed to simplify and scale up your email outreach efforts. It offers features like unlimited email sending, personalized first lines, AI-generated email content, smart automation, and a unified inbox. With Nureply, businesses can increase their email deliverability rates, engage more prospects with personalized emails, and efficiently manage large volumes of emails, leading to more sales and business growth. 



Incogniton is a powerful anti-detect browser designed to help professionals manage multiple browser profiles securely and efficiently. It offers fingerprint protection, web automation, cookies management, and team accounts, making it ideal for advertisers, web scrapers, digital agencies, and eCommerce stores. With over 400k users, it’s a trusted solution for maintaining anonymity, avoiding bans, and ensuring seamless multi-account management. 

SaasZilla Get 20% off with code SZBF20


Exact Links is a WordPress plugin for managing short links, compatible with any theme and capable of importing links from other plugins. It continues to function without updates after license expiry, is GDPR compliant, and offers a performance-friendly experience with access to dedicated support.


Columns AI

Columns is a revolutionary tool designed to transform the way you present data and insights. It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking to tell a compelling story with their data without getting bogged down in time-consuming design processes or needing specialized expertise. With Columns, you can quickly turn complex data into captivating, easy-to-understand visualizations with just a few clicks. It’s user-friendly, efficient. Watch my livestream with founder Shawn Cao.


GoPublish (Not Tested)

I had been looking for a tool to help me post blogs from Google Docs to Wordpress, in one click, this is the right tool! It keeps the header tags, embedded images, video links. 1 code gets you unlimited domains + 100 exports + 1 user. While Tier 3 at $199 gets you unlimited domains, exports, and users! This is a great deal and I will definitely purchase. 

Other marketplaces where you can grab Black Friday Deals:


Some of my picks above are also available in Dealify. 

More deals are coming, so watch this space!