Scraping Airbnb Listing Page Like Magic with Hexofy! #automation

In this video, I’m using Hexofy for the second time and one of our group members requested for a tutorial on how to use Hexofy to scrape airbnb.

Everyone knows I’m non-tech and I struggle to find the right css selectors. But with Hexofy, this isn’t a problem anymore.

Creating templates on Hexofy is really easy! Simply click on an element and choose what type of data you want to capture (like source URL, link URL, text, etc). Continue building your template until all the fields you need are on the template then save it.

After setting up the template, you can go to any airbnb listing page and scrape the data.

Link to purchase Hexofy:

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1. Introduction to Hexofy and Elma the Nantech Techie (0:05)

2. What is Hexofy? (0:15)

3. Hexofy and Hexact Products (0:39)

4. Creating a Custom Template for Airbnb Listing Page (1:00)

5. Customizing Template Elements (1:23)

6. Adding Property Name, Rating, and Reviews (1:50)

7. Adding Superhost Status and Key Features (2:24)

8. Capturing Photos and Price (3:00)

9. Saving Template and Testing (4:21)

10. Scrape Results in Google Sheets (5:10)

11. Testing on Another Listing Page (5:42)

12. Appending Data in Google Sheets (6:39)

13. Tips for Using Google Sheets with Hexify (7:04)

14. Checking Scraped Images and Closing Thoughts (7:33)

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